Sunday, 21 July 2013

Hot home trend

Good afternoon everyone, 
Today I have decided to post about an up and coming trend for the home, I call it "French country style" as it combines rustic furniture with chic French accessories. A company that sells some gorgeous furniture and accessories in this style is Dibor, a few of their items are too good to turn down! This trend is relaxed and homely, works all year round and functions  well in big busy households. The picture below summarises the style perfectly, however anyone can add their own twist to it!
This trend is one you can really picture in a country home set in acres and acres of land, however this style fits in just as well with a modest semi detached and can even help create the illusion of more space.Below are some of my favourite picks of Dibor products-

That's all on this trend for now, but if you can't get enough of it head over to Dibor to look at their range of products.
Laura xxx

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